Premium Reusable Ice Packs – 2 Sizes (14”x6” and 6”x4”) – Fully Adjustable Hot and Cold Pack – Gel Ice Pack for Injury…

Mighty-X reusable ice packs are a great multipurpose tool when dealing with unexpected or chronic injuries, or while recovering from surgery.

Just put it in the freezer for an hour to bring quick relief to sore muscles, reduce swelling in a sprained joint, or simply help you relax after a busy day. Using a gel pack, heated in the microwave, improves flexibility in the stiff joints, increases blood flow, or helps alleviate stress. Each hot and cold pack is filled with a special highly-thermal conductive gel intended both for heating and cooling. You can use it for a wide range of injuries that requires heat or icy treatments. The Mighty-X reusable kit contains two sizes of hot cold packs. Use the larger (14” x 6”) one for broader areas like the shoulder, while the smaller one (6” x 4”) is ideal for the wrist, ankle, or elbow.

Thanks to the sturdy elastic belts and reliable self-closure system, these universal gel packs stay snugly in place even with regular movement. The adjustable straps allow you to custom fit your gel ice packs for injuries reusable pillows to most injured areas. Wrap them twice for a soothing, snug fit on your wrists, ankles, elbow, or use their full length to conform to your shoulders, abdomen, or back. Thanks to their snug fit, you can easily go through your daily routine while nursing your injury.

If you experienced the gel leakage from your gel pack, our dedicated support team will always be glad to assist you. Just scan the QR code on the gel pack or follow the link provided and we will replace your damaged gel pack at lightning speed.

The warranty is provided within 6 months after the delivery.


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