Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap – 4 Pack + 12 Extra Clips – Durable Compression Bandage (2X – 3 inch, 2X – 4 inch Rolls…

While you’re nursing a sprain or a pulled muscle, keeping it wrapped under compression is essential. For your injury to heal quicker, you need your elastic bandage clips to be secure, so choosing the right wrap clips makes all the difference. Mighty-X clips for elastic bandages will keep your wrapping in place, allowing you can get back to your active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you wear your bandage for support as a preventative measure or because you want to speed up your recovery. Rest assured that your new bandage wrap clips will provide the proper amount of compression needed to help you feel as strong as an ox.

We designed our fabric, and metal bandage clips with the busy person in mind. These wrap bandage clips are made from high-grade aluminum and spandex to hold under constant tension. The hook closures will keep your ankle, wrist, or elbow wrapping from shifting while you’re moving around.

If you’re living with a chronic injury, it’s a good idea to have extra clips for bandages. With proper usage, your 30 bandages clips supply will keep you stocked up for a long time.

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