Mighty-X White Athletic Tape + PreWrap – 4 Pack – Easy to Tear with No Sticky Residue – Used as: Ankle Tape, Climbing…

If you are an active person and push yourself to the limit on the field or in the gym—sometimes injuries happen. Mighty-X white athletic tape not only helps to prevent injury but also significantly speeds up recovery. Our sports tape athletic application provides support and stability to muscles and joints to keep you on your A-game. It works great as football tape, climbing tape, gymnastics tape, soccer tape, lacrosse tape, boxing tape for hands anytime you need X-tra strength.

The Mighty-X sport tape provides the easiest way to reliably protect your injury and fully focus on the workout. Simply wrap the area with the athletic wrist tape, the non-adhesive side facing up and overlapping the underlayer a touch.

This tape is commonly used to keep and hold ligaments in their proper position, especially if you need X-tra support during an important game or to protect yourself from reinjury. This durable cotton-made athletic tape white fabric is non-stretch for a better, tighter hold. When properly wrapped, the hand tape saves the day by providing needed assistance to your hardworking joints.

10 reviews for Mighty-X White Athletic Tape + PreWrap – 4 Pack – Easy to Tear with No Sticky Residue – Used as: Ankle Tape, Climbing…

  1. Jeff I.

    Received and used a few times already. Great value for the price

  2. Randy Stillman

    Good adhesive strong easy-to-use .

  3. Amy Atkinson

    Great overall product. Prewrap can also be cut down to the size you want. I love that you no longer have to worry about skin irritations. The prewrap helps with this.

  4. Sherman Jiang

    Bought it for my son who plays soccer and taekwondo. Good thickness for support. Love the pre-wrap, which reduces irritation on skin.

  5. Arianna Muse

    Great for me cause I’m a runner lmao, a bit hard to apply at first but you get used to it

  6. Alex Jia

    Twisted my ankle this helps!

  7. Gary Taylor

    I love this product !
    Great value and great quality

  8. William F. Young

    Exactly as advertised and delivered on time.

  9. TEB

    my daughter used the tape and said it worked great

  10. J Gabbey

    Great value. Has been used several times to tape ankle and have been very happy.

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