(3 Uncut Rolls) Waterproof Kinetic Tape for Knees and Shoulders + 50 Video Guides – Immediate Pain Relief – Use as: Knee…

Kinesiology tape roll not only has become a common accessory for high-level athletes, but also for active men and women who have ever injured themselves during a workout. There’s nothing better to help you keep exercising while dealing with various aches or minor injuries. Mighty-X k tape roll provides immediate pain relief for sore muscles and supports injured joints by helping to reduce spasms. Using kinesiology tape allows the injury to heal properly with less risk of further strain.

Regular knee tape for knee pain is made of cotton that loses its elasticity in under 3 days, so you can’t count on reliable support for long. The breathable, thin, and lightweight fabric of Mighty-X trans tape provides long-lasting elasticity and strong support for up to 7 days without limiting your range of motion.

Due to the kinesiology tape waterproof fabric, your muscle tape pain relief application will last longer without peeling or fraying even after a hard sweaty workout or a long relaxing shower. This nylon material is designed to repel water and dry quicker than regular tape. You don’t have to re-apply the sport tape kinesiology backing every day—it saves you money!











12 reviews for (3 Uncut Rolls) Waterproof Kinetic Tape for Knees and Shoulders + 50 Video Guides – Immediate Pain Relief – Use as: Knee…

  1. Annamarie

    All good

  2. Dawn Sullivan

    I have spinal stenosis with sciatica pain going down my right leg so I use this tape to get some relief. After I apply the tape I am able to walk with no difficulty. My physical therapist introduced me to it and I am very grateful

  3. James Parsons

    Really great! My wife started using it for knee and I thought it was BS. But we used it on my back. I get really debilitating pain and it really helped. Our physical therapist uses it and recommends it.

  4. Ronald K.Sasao

    Use it for support of my shoulders. Keeps immobilized enough to keep the pain in check.

  5. WandaG

    I like that you can cut longer lengths since this is not pre cut. It holds well to the skin. Also, it seems to dry faster than other kinesiology tapes I have used. You get a lot for the money too.

  6. Brian P.

    This is great tape. It is thin, which makes it all the more versatile to use. I used it all day on my calf and it looks the same as when I put it on. It is a great solution to a variety of muscle issues.

  7. Derek C.

    Use when bowling and it made a difference.

  8. r546

    The unit works very good.
    Very satisfied with the purchase.
    I recommend it to all.

  9. Frances

    great it worked on my dads back really good

  10. K. Wong

    Kills pain and works nicely too. Sticks to everything but once stuck it works.

  11. pinkerton

    Stayed answered to skin until we took it off. Helped relieve pain!

  12. Mike

    great product

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