100% Waterproof Cast Cover Arm -【Watertight Seal】 – Reusable Adult Half Arm Cast Covers for Shower Elbow, Hand & Wrist…

We know, that wearing a cast can be uncomfortable and overwhelming—we sympathize with you. Although, you don’t have to avoid bathing during recovery due to worries about getting your wrap or cast wet. Try Mighty-X arm cast covers for shower to significantly ease your daily hygiene routine. These cast covers for shower arm injuries are very thin, so they are not recommended for swimming or water sports. The design team aimed to create a thin, unobtrusive liner that feels comfortable when showering. Our waterproof cast cover arm protector does not require any additional seals or fasteners and can be easily applied and adjusted one-handed.

If you use Mighty-X cast protector for shower arm adult sized sleeves properly, they will last you for many showers. Just follow the simple written or video instructions to ensure a proper seal of your waterproof arm cast cover for shower. Enjoy relaxing showers without worrying about getting your wrap or cast wet. The opening is made from highly elastic material and will easily stretch over the cast and provide a reliable watertight seal. After taking a shower, wipe your cast shower cover arm shield carefully with a bath towel, and air dry before its next use.

Mighty-X cast sleeve waterproof arm covering comes in a pack of three, so you will always have a backup when needed. The opening will retain its elasticity for many showers if used carefully. As proven by thousands of satisfied clients, one pack of cast waterproof cover arm wraps may last for the entire duration of your healing process. Please note that our shower cast cover arm sheathing is designed for use by adults and measures 23” x 9”—large enough to fit most adult arms. Try Mighty-X arm cast shower cover and take a shower whenever you want!

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