Premium Gauze Bandage Roll – 24pk + Free Bonus Medical Tape – 4 inches x 4.1yards Gauze Wrap – Individually Wrapped Gauze Roll

The Mighty-X rolled gauze will get you on the road to recovery. Use it to cover a wound or sore, or to keep a dressing right where you want. Measuring 4-inches x 4.1 yards, each roll conforms easily to an injured area to keep it clean and protected. The unique elastic white gauze provides gentle compression to minimize bleed-through and swelling from acute trauma.

Other non-stretch gauze does not maintain elasticity, causing the fabric to loosen, fray, and expose affected areas. Each Mighty-X gauze wrap roll keeps sores clean while the breathable material helps to aerate the wound for proper healing.

The high-quality micro-weave roll gauze makes bandaging so much easier. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected injury or a chronic medical issue, you will be able to change bandages easily on your own, while keeping sores clean and hygienic. The medical gauze rolls will not leave lint or stray fabric strands behind and make changing your bandage a hassle-free process. Each gauze bandage roll from this value 24-pack comes individually wrapped to keep it debris-free until you ready to use it. Your purchase includes a roll of medical tape to affix the loose end to keep your dressing tight.

It’s wise to keep some guaze rolls and other medical supplies for wound care on hand in case of an emergency. They are perfect to wrap an unexpected injury or to treat a chronic wound. Keep your sores clean by providing the protective barrier you’re looking for from a gauze roll.




49 reviews for Premium Gauze Bandage Roll – 24pk + Free Bonus Medical Tape – 4 inches x 4.1yards Gauze Wrap – Individually Wrapped Gauze Roll

  1. Pam

    They are very soft, and flexible. My husband can still put on a shoe with this gauze .


    This product works very well. It has a small amount of stretch that really helps keep the wrapping in place. The tape included is to thin. But I do love the wrap material.

  3. Stormy

    Nice. Will repurchase prn. Excellent to have in home first aid box and for post surgical wrappings.

  4. Allison

    Great buy! Don’t buy often so nothing to compare it to. I just picked out best reviews/best price and took a chance. Huge burn on my hand and this is breathable, flexible, comfortable,easy to use and a great buy!

  5. ray contreras

    Quality medical product. Hold’s well

  6. ralph

    Im using this product for a foot wound works fantastic and a great price

  7. Kathy A.

    I had a recent foot surgery and was asked by my Doctor to change the bandages everyday. This works perfect for me for my daily dressing change. My Doctor gave me a couple of socks to cover the gauze bandage which is probably why I do not have any issues that others complained of.
    I was also impressed with the quick shipping. The gauze arrived the next day which was perfect. There was no need to go to our local pharmacy looking for gauze and bandages. Price was very good.
    My only complaint is I didn’t receive the bonus medical tape that was supposed to be in the box. Maybe if fell out in shipping since the box was a bit worn and flimsy when it arrived.

  8. Jim stone

    did what we needed and got it fast

  9. Tim L.

    They seem to do the job

  10. Larry L


  11. Bleujai

    Very soft, won’t need a lot of wraps to protect a wound. Individually wrapped rolls, make convient to put in a glove box, carry bag or medical kit. I’d definitely purchase these if need be in the future.

  12. Michael Wilson

    Very good product, great value. I order every month and quality is consistent.

  13. terry

    These are nice,have stretch and conform well.

  14. Kathy Porterfield

    Great Deal

  15. J. Smith

    This gauze is tough yet it can be stretched. You get a good amount in each roll. We use it to wrap a calf with plenty one the roll to cover around about 5 times. Great value for the money.

  16. George Heppelle

    Easy to wrap with these smaller rolls, absorbs very nicely, soft to the touch and clings to itself while wrapping.

  17. fhotowiz

    The product is being used for a wrap between a leg wound and a cover bandage. It works very well and does what it is designed for.

  18. Frances M. Casasanta

    Loved that they are easy to use. Kept the sterile pads in place. Did their job.

  19. S. Brannock

    Like these and have to use them every day for leg wound. Will order again when needed.

  20. Golam T Khan

    My son has eczema and this soft gauze helps at night.

  21. FigPin

    very good product.

  22. JT

    The gauze wrap is fine mesh and stretchy. It works great at holding your main gauze pads in place. Definitely not ment for absorbency. Premium in my eyes.

  23. Felicia Branson

    They are a good length. I noticed this product was a little thinner, but still worked well.

  24. Amazon Customer

    We need to re-wrap every other day, so the right size.

  25. John Shirley

    The product is soft, it wraps nicely. It worked perfectly as needed

  26. Donald J. Collins

    The product is awesome. I have to dress a foot wound every day.

  27. CantonShelly

    Individually wrapped..easy to use. Very convenient size.

  28. Christopher H Weber

    I like these because you can wrap them around the injury and they stay without using clips or tape,

  29. Amazon Customer

    THEY WORK for our medical needs!

  30. Murphy

    Got the big box just in case and to save money. Only used a few so far on the dog but so far so good.

  31. Ann

    Works as expected. Pleased.

  32. Ray

    Used to cover surgery sites

  33. Heather Wentworth

    Exactly described, quality is on par with price per item…

  34. MaryAnn McGuinness

    I buy these for my mother-in-law who uses multiple gauze rolls a day. I appreciate that these rolls come individually wrapped as it is important that these rolls are clean and as sterile as possible.although not exceptionally thick, they are strong enough to hold bandages and sponges in place. The tape is an added bonus and the price is affordable.

  35. Kindle Customer

    I recently bought 1 roll of the same size and it cost $5-FOR ONE! This is so much a better value.

  36. Fellytone

    The rolls were easy to use,adhered to itself and were Great absorbing the liquid coming out of the wound. Great value especially since I had to change dressings often. With my active job and where I had to put the dressing on my arm

  37. Jameswade

    Boxing whith hand wraps

  38. Teri

    These were wonderful for the wound care I had to do on my mom’s arm. Soft and very absorbent – better than any we’ve been given from and ED or doctor’s office!

  39. David Martinez

    Easy to use no tape needed

  40. Thomas Corkery Sr.

    Used this to hold a gauze pad and wrapped my leg. Very useful and easy to use.

  41. C. R. Taylor

    Very clean and easy to use for securing dressings to wound areas. Soft; stretchable, and easy to trim and cut off when needed. Great length for joint wraps (ankle, knee, elbow, wrist) and priced to keep frequent dressing changes from breaking the bank!
    Highly recommended!

  42. Amazon Customer


  43. Angie C.

    It was soft and worked great on the stitching I needed covered to help heal

  44. sandfourme2

    Good product

  45. Meagan

    Worked great for a mummy costume!

  46. RTS

    The product is as advertised.

  47. Florida Dee

    These gauze rolls do not sag down like others..they are thicker and longer. they are absorbant over a wound. Highly reccommend

  48. MD Review

    All gauze is not created equal. However this is a trustable brand here. Comfortable & does not catch on everything. Does not stick like superglue to wounds. Gentle.

  49. Elaine Braune

    I am glad the bandages are individually wrapped. Keeps the package contents clean.

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