6” Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap – 10 Pack – Hook & Loop Closures – Wide Compression Bandage Wrap – Waist, Thigh, Knee, Lymphedema, Body Wrap

Mighty-X 6-inch-wide elastic bandages are the most effective solution if you need support for a sprained abdomen, back, or thigh as well as for tending to chronic injuries. It doesn’t matter if have a daily backbreaking job or need long-term bandaging for recovery—this compression bandage wrap allows you to get fit as a fiddle quickly by reducing swelling and pain remaining almost unnoticeable underneath your clothing.

Since 2005, Mighty-X has been listening to our clients to ensure an outstanding customer experience. We are happy to present our new product which meets the most demanding requirements.

Let’s forget about those “easy-to-lose” and “nearly impossible to find them when you need them” clips for your elastic bandage wrap. You will be able to wrap the injury quickly with adjustable compression which lasts for hours despite intense movement. We use triple stitching on the edge of the closure to prevent tearing or fraying, even under high tension.

Due to special highly-elastic bands in the bandage material, our crepe bandage keeps your muscles tight without slipping. This compression wrap extends up to 15ft. when fully stretched to conform to most adults’ larger body areas. High-quality, soft, and breathable material provides great compression and excellent comfort so you can enjoy your day—while keeping the pain away. We encase each compression bandage in a protective wrapper to keep it clean and hygienic so that it’s always ready to use.

10 reviews for 6” Premium Elastic Bandage Wrap – 10 Pack – Hook & Loop Closures – Wide Compression Bandage Wrap – Waist, Thigh, Knee, Lymphedema, Body Wrap

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good for first aid kit or medicine cabinet.

  2. Shawn Aguirre

    Product is good quality anf matches decription. Used for post knee surgery

  3. patsy

    Works great wrapping around elbow.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Really like these wraps. They are very stretchy and are a good length. I have been using one non stop for two week now and it looks used and I would probably need to toss it and use the other one soon but its a great item for its value.

  5. JessLyne

    These are excellent quality. The size variation is excellent and I would highly recommend them

  6. Christine Rivera

    Did the job post surgery! Easy to use, didn’t feel irritating, and kept its elasticity

  7. Crystal A.

    I use these to put under my waist trainers it’s a must for me & also if need for emergencies lol

  8. Amazon Customer


  9. Hilary

    Good quality fabric. Liked the variety of sizes. Was pleased beyond expectation.

  10. Edward O’donnell Jr.

    I bought these for post-surgery on my leg. Excellent and reusable. Don’t wrap tightly!

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