Individually Wrapped Gauze Rolls – 36 Pack – 3 in x 4.1 yd Rolled Gauze

The Mighty-X rolled gauze is crucial for successfully curing a wide range of injuries by keeping them clean and hygienic. Measuring 3-inches x 4.1 yards, each gauze wrap roll conforms easily to most injured areas and provides gentle compression to keep the bandage pad or dressing snuggly in place. Other non-elastic gauze fabric often slips causing chafing and exposing injured areas. Mighty-X medical gauze rolls keep sores hygienic and protected, while the breathable material helps to aerate the area for proper healing.

The high-quality micro-weave gauze roll makes bandaging so much easier compared to regular gauze. You can change bandages easily on your own to keep sores clean and hygienic. Mighty-X’s white gauze will not leave lint or stray fabric strands behind, making the healing process hassle-free. Each gauze bandage roll from this value 36-pack comes individually wrapped to keep it debris-free until you are ready to use it. Your purchase also includes a roll of medical tape to affix the loose end to keep your dressing snug.

It’s wise to keep some guaze rolls and other medical supplies on hand in your first aid case. They are perfect for wrapping an unexpected trauma or treating recurrent injuries. Keep your sores clean by providing the protective barrier you’re looking for from roll gauze. Mighty-X  – #1 for your first aid kit.

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