Premium Self-closing Elastic Bandage Wrap – Set Of 2

High-quality elastic bandages – proven to be a lifesaver for every active person who pushes themselves to the limit when working out.

It allows you to get fit as a fiddle quickly, by reducing swelling and pain from an unexpected injury which can occur during long races or hard workouts in the gym. The adjustable compression bandage wrap also effectively prevents re-injury and significantly speeds up your recovery.

Since 2005, Mighty-X has been the leading brand for providing the best solutions for your active lifestyle. We always carefully listen to our clients, and we’re always trying to improve our products to provide an outstanding customer experience. Now, we are happy to present our newest product which meets the most demanding requirements of even professional athletes.

Simple and reliable hook-and-loop closure blows away those annoying clips that are too easy to lose and nearly impossible to find when you need the bandage most. You will be able to wrap the injury quickly with comfortable compression which will last for hours despite intense movement. Strong fastening helps to maintain steady pressure to keep you pain-free while recovering. We use triple stitching on the edge of the closure to prevent tearing or fraying under even high tension. Rest assured, you can rely on Mighty-X elastic bandage wrap for ages.


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