Gauze Bandage Roll – Gauze Roll – Rolled Gauze – Set of 24

The Mighty-X Gauze Bandage Roll – 24 Stretch Pack will get you on the road to recovery. Use the gauze to cover a wound or sore, to keep a dressing right where you want it or store it in a first-aid kit with other medical supplies for wound care. Use the guaze to limit bleeding by applying pressure or to secure a splint.

The gauze rolls 4 inch are convenient to apply. The value pack includes 24 white gauze packets. They are individually wrapped rolls with a bonus roll of medical tape. Measuring 4-inches x 4.1 yards, the medical gauze is long enough and wide enough to cover or support large areas. Mighty-X gause is strong enough to secure limbs that require limited mobility. The micro-weave conforming stretch gauze bandage provides compression to help with blood flow and swelling of a new injury. Other non-stretch white cotton gauze does not maintain elasticity, causing the fabric to loosen, fray, and expose affected areas.

Combined with rest and elevation, the mummy bandages will get you through the first stages of nursing a wound or an acute trauma. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected injury or a chronic medical issue, your gauze roll will keep you on your way to recovering to your old self.

The rolled gauze is ideal for a primary or secondary injury. Use the gauze wrap in the debridement of your wound or as a mummy wrap. Use the rolled gauze 4 inch to help fight dangerous bacterial growth which can lead to infection. The bandage rolls have a high absorbency factor that keep open sores cleaner to prevent contamination or consequential issues. The outstanding quality cotton gauze prevents the sides and edges from shredding. The gauze will not leave lint or stray strands of fabric behind. The roll gauze makes cleaning your wound and changing your bandage a no-hassle process.


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